Welding services & stainless steel fabrication

Specialist welding services to the food & beverage industry

As specialised suppliers of welding services to the food and beverage sectors and other industries, we pride ourselves on providing a superior quality service to our clients.  Commencing as a small operation that has enjoyed continuous growth to become the competitive operation we are today, we place high value on maintaining a personalised service and our ability to deliver high quality work in an efficient turnaround time. We provide efficient workers with effective monitoring and control, and aim wherever possible to keep the same people on a job from start to finish.

We will look at taking on any project, no matter the size, as all work is valuable to us and we try find a solution to all your welding and fabrication needs. Many of our valuable clients today started out as “foot in the door” jobs, only to develop into long standing loyal clients.

As a niche business we aim to “cherry-pick” the best people we can find and release those who do not fit in with our hard-working ethos. Our hands-on director personally oversees employees and liaises with clients, making sure our work ethic and promise of excellent service is maintained.

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